Nichols Quick Change

The Nichols Quick Change system creates a universal mounting system that can be used on almost any machine. By simply mounting a bracket and keeper spring, one can work with over 80 different sweeps and spikes without involving a single additional nut or bolt. Using only a hammer, 60 sweeps can be changed out in just over 30 minutes. The Nichols Quick Change system is revolutionizing today's agricultural practices.

With the Nichols Quick Change system, mounting couldn't be any simpler. First, attach the Nichols Quick Change bracket to the shank with two plow bolts, exactly as you would a traditional sweep, then snap the retainer spring in place. Next, slide the Quick Change sweep onto the mounted bracket.

Once the sweep is in place, gently tap the nose of the piece with a hammer while bracing against the top of the mounted bracket using another hammer in order to stop the spring action of the shank. Continue tapping until the retainer spring's round button pops into place within the hole on the sweep's shank.

The remove the sweep, simply tap the face of the sweep's shank to release the tension in the retainer spring.

Properly mounted Quick Change brakcet with retainer spring
Slide sweep onto Quick Change bracket.
Tap piece into place with hammer.